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A Dark Side of Immigration in Japan
Kurds in Detention


Fleeing persecution by the Turkish government, ethnic minority Kurds seek refuge in Japan. However, they are detained at immigration detention centers. By interviewing Kurdish refugees, this documentary film reveals the inhumane conditions in detention.

* This DVD contains the Japanese and English versions.

  • DVD / 16:9 / NTSC / Region: All
    [Language] Japanese & English / 39 min. /2020
  • 2,000 yen (* 10,000 yen for library use)
  • (* 10 % tax and the shipping cost is not included.)

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Directed by:
Yamamura Junpei
Translated by:
Louice Carlet
Narrated by:
Brother Thomas
In association with:
Society for Understanding Kurds Japan
Watch the Immigration Detention
Published by:
Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC)

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